Chris “The Glove” Taylor Dropping New Music Only As NFT’s Through Deal With NFTxCards & NFT Drops

Today (February 22) on Binance, pioneering music producer Chris “The Glove” Taylor, former producer for Ice-T, Nas, and Dr. Dre, has announced he will be releasing brand-new music through his deal with NFTxCards. The special edition drop will include 3 brand-new songs: “Pimp Flow”, “The Rules”, and “Talk To Me Nice”. The songs are produced by The Glove and Kmackondabeat.

Last month, the multi-platinum producer joined top creators such as Snoop Dogg, Heavy Metal Magazine, META, and Death Row Records in leveraging blockchain technology to build NFT Collections and digital wearables by signing with both NFT Drops and NFTxCards.

Check out the announcement from Chris “The Glove” Taylor on his exclusive drop with NFTxCards & NFT Drops below: