Kid Cudi’s Encore Raises $9M & Launches Live Performance App Allowing Artists To Create Mobile AR Shows & Get Paid Directly

Encore, the interactive live performance app co-founded by Kid Cudi, has announced the official launch of the Encore Studio App. The launch follows a $9M raise led by Battery Ventures, and other investments from 468 Capital, Parade Ventures, Nomad Ventures, Moving Capital, Kayak Ventures, and Gaingels.

Encore gives music artists the tools and technology to tell their stories, release new music, and host conversations and interactive experiences with their fans. Using Encore, artists create and perform live in custom Augmented Reality environments from their mobile devices. Fans participate via gamified microtransactions in the form of a ten-cent clap, which can be used to watch live shows, chat with an artist, and interact. 

“My number one priority has always been inspiring others and providing them the space to tell their own stories in an authentic and meaningful way. We created Encore as a space for artists to share their art, build community, while also being able to pay their rent, “ said Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi. 

While in private beta, hundreds of artists including SSGKobe, The Cool Kids, Too $hort, and DC the Don have created and performed Encore shows to tens of thousands of fans, who have collectively clapped almost a million times. 

“My fans mean everything to me. Getting the chance to connect with them directly and seeing their response to my new music on Encore has been incredible,” said artist DC the Don, who has performed multiple times on Encore’s beta platform. “Encore has been an amazing new platform for me to drop singles and help roll out my album, talk directly with my fans, and make some extra money.”

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Encore is led by a team of artists, creatives and technology entrepreneurs, all on a mission to democratize the music industry. Encore is co-founded by Award-Winning Artist Kid Cudi (Chief Creative Officer), Hollywood Producer, Screenwriter and Director Ian Edelman (President), and Technology Entrepreneur Jonathan Gray (CEO).

“Music artists are the original creators and they have been forgotten by the creator economy and overrun by memes and algorithms on social media,” said Jonathan Gray, CEO of Encore. “Our live AR technology empowers any artist to create personalized content and host experiences for their fans without a production budget or crew and make real cash with 100’s of engaged fans.”