Hip-Hop Legends DJ Battlecat, The Poetess & Ras Kass Talk West Coast Hip-Hop History On Sway In The Morning

Legendary west coast producer DJ Battlecat joined fellow west coast hip-hop luminaries Ras Kass and The Poetess on the Sway In The Morning show to share their stories on west coast hip-hop, including The Poetess being hired by Suge Knight to host a concert a the House of Blues in what would become the last show 2Pac would ever do before his untimely demise, DJ Battlecat being with the KDAY Mixmaster crew, Ras Kass detailing his transition from dancing for the likes of King T to rhyming, and more.

Check out Part 1 of the Sway In The Morning show with DJ Battlecat, Ras Kass, and The Poetess below: