Former Lench Mob Records Artist K-Dee Talks Working For Street Knowledge With Ice Cube, Changing from Stereo Crew To C.I.A., Putting Together “Make It Ruff, Make It Smooth” + More On Unique Access

Former Lench Mob Records artist, K-Dee, stopped by Unique Access Entertainment to discuss working for Street Knowledge Records (the initial incarnation of the Ice Cube-led record label), forming the original Stereo Crew with Ice Cube & Sir Jinx, and signing to Epic Records. The “Freshest MC In The World” also tells Soren Baker about moving from Epic Records to the Alonzo Williams-ran Kru-Cut Records and changing their group name to C.I.A., and so much more during this incredible interview.

K-Dee featured on a bevy of classic west coast albums throughout the late 80s and 90s which have included songs with N.W.A (“Panic Zone”), Kausion ( “Supersperm”), Mack 10 (“H.O.E.K.”), Westside Connection (“Hoo Bangin (WSCG Style)”), Ice Cube (“Make It Ruff, Make It Smooth”), and Ant Banks (“Make Money”) to name a few.

His 1994 solo debut Ass, Gas or Cash (No One Rides for Free) is K-Dee at his finest with a smooth flow and cool delivery. Produced by Ice Cube, Madness 4 Real, and the 88 X Unit the project boasts classic funk and soul for K-Dee to spin his tales about L.A. life and the trials and tribulations of a pimp. Funk legends Bootsy Collins and Morris Day of The Time both contributed amazing performances on K-Dee’s classic west coast project.

Check out the K-Dee interview with Soren Baker on Unique Access Entertainment below: