LL Cool J Reveals Dr. Dre Song “Xxplosive” Was Originally His Song & Gives Props To Nate Dogg During ‘Salute The Sample’ Episode

During episode 24 of Salute the Sample with Greg NiceDJ Z-Trip, and LL Cool J the trio discuss the classic “Xxplosive” song from Dr. Dre‘s 2001 album. The song features Kurupt, Nate Dogg, Hittman, and Six-Two, and was produced by Dr. Dre & Mel-Man interpolating Soul Mann & the Brothers‘ “Bumpy’s Lament”.

As “Bumpy’s Lament” plays, LL Cool J offers up a surprising bit of trivia as he reveals that he recorded a version of the song, and still has the demo.

I’ll give people a little trivia: this was originally my beat. I had did a song with Dr. Dre, but it just didn’t quite work, it wasn’t right,” LL said. “I think I still got this demo at my house somewhere.”

Elsewhere in the episode, LL Cool J gives love to the late Nate Dogg for his melodic performance saying, “Yo, Nate Dogg, boy! Start that chorus over for me. Can we just celebrate Nate Dogg for a second? Listen to his rhythm. Yo, this joint crazy right here.”

Check out LL Cool J, Greg Nice, and DJ Z-Trip discussing “Xxplosive” on Salute the Sample below: