Classic Collaborations: Spice 1 & 2Pac – “Jealous Got Me Strapped” (Prod. Blackjack)

Spice 1 dropped a classic back in 1994 with the AmeriKKKa’s Nightmare album, which featured production and guest appearances from several hip-hop legends including DJ Battlecat, Ant Banks, 2Pac, Method Man, E-40, Stan “The Guitar Man”, and others.

One of the highlight tracks found on this incredible project is the immortal “Jealous Got Me Strapped”, featuring the late, iconic 2Pac.  Done in the memory for Spice 1’s friend Plan B, who was robbed and subsequently murdered, the two West Coast legends collaborate to drop classic verses over a head-nodding banger produced by Blackjack.  

“Ya see these jealous motherfuckas they be playin’ me G/Like a sucker ass nigga see/That ain’t feeling me/It ain’t easy to kill a G/A motherfuckin’ player from tha F, A to the C/Back stabbers in the muthafuckin’ place/Smilin’ in my face/I got my hand on my gun/’Cause they got me on the run/Spice motherfuckin’ one/Known for leavin’ bodies numb..”

After Spice 1’s verse, the hook kicks in with “Jealous got me strapped (I keep my hand on my gun ’cause they got me on the run)”, a reference to the hip-hop classic song “The Message” by pioneering group Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, and was also later used on Pac’s All Eyez On Me single “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” with 2Pac & Snoop Dogg.

Verse 2 finds 2Pac warning those envious of him that, “If I catch your ass in traffic/You best to pull for your pistol and open fire or get blasted (boo yah)/’Cause I’ll be damned if I, drop, it don’t stop/I’m boxin’ motherfuckers with my Glock/A skinny ass never had a penny ass nigga/I figure, my Mossberg pump
Will show them punks who’s bigger (blah)/And even if I did fall, I still ball/I’m bustin’ motherfuckers with my back against the wall/’Til these jealous ass bitches kill me/I’ll be thuggin’ like a motherfucker, nigga feel me/And ain’t no time for mistakesSo homies watch ya back/’Cause these jealous ass tricks got me strapped”

Check out “Jealous Got Me Strapped” with Spice 1 featuring 2Pac, produced by Blackjack below: