Deem Spencer Shares New Music Video “Prayed For More”

Queens raised, Brooklyn born, contemporary lyricist Deem Spencer releases his new music video “Prayed For More” from his critically acclaimed album Deem’s Tape, directed by Mike Weir and produced by Coach Wave.

Deem’s Tape is an album born out of a deep reflection process. In this album, Deem examines his internal thoughts and feelings around a concept piece he called “my wife and kids,” where he begins to conceptualize the future he wants for himself. The slow melancholic production by Big Flowers, Coach Wave and Frank Leone guide Deem’s subconscious thoughts as he meditates on his upbringing, romantic life and the abundance of his life.

Towards the end of last year, Deem brought laid back vibes to the COLORS stage with a chilled but potent performance of his new single ‘Se Réveiller’.

Deem Spencer’s music carries weight. His raps are searingly honest introspections, intensely personal to the point that listening in can almost feel perverse. Deem tells stories from the perspective of an old soul dealing with the turmoil that accompanies coming of age in New York City. Influenced by New York’s past, evidenced most in the production which features elements taken from hip hop’s golden era such as sped up soul vocals and jazz arrangements. Deem’s music never feels weighed down by nostalgia. Themes of insecurity, depression, and heartbreak are prevalent in Deem’s raps, but there is also a constant underlying sense of hope. A flickering light that is the real energy propelling Deem’s music forward.

Check out “Prayed For More” video from Deem Spencer below: