Houston Legends Arian Foster & Bun B Join Kendrick Perkins To Discuss Dak Prescott, Barry Sanders, Jay-Z + More On “I Am Athlete” Podcast With Brandon Marshall, Lil Keke & D.J. Williams

It was a Texas takeover on this week’s episode of I Am Athlete — featuring NFL legends, rap icons, and an NBA champion.

Houston Texans great Arian Foster joined IAA host Brandon Marshall — along with hip hop superstars Bun B and Lil Keke, ESPN star Kendrick Perkins and ex-NFL linebacker D.J. Williams

Among the highlights, Arian Foster argued Barry Sanders is the greatest NFL player of all time, not Tom Brady

“I get tired of the debates about championships in football because there are so many variables that go into winning; you can’t pin it all on one person. Like, the greatest in my opinion…the greatest player of all time is Barry Sanders,” said Arian Foster. “There’s not a greater athlete that played this game – he didn’t sniff the playoffs. So, when you talk about Tom Brady, he’s a great talent…one of the greatest of all time,  but a lot of things fell into place for him to win those championships. It wasn’t just TB. That’s why it  makes me mad when you talk about championships in football.” 

Arian also weighed in on Dak Prescott in the wake of the Dallas Cowboys getting bounced from the playoffs in the first round. “From my perspective, it looked like Dak is not 100% confident in his game.  That’s just my perspective. It looks like he lost a lot of confidence in his game and once that snowball starts rolling downhill, I’ve seen people change it and I’ve seen it derail careers. Ain’t no telling where it’s gonna go,” Foster says.  

There’s a lot more discussed in the full episode, which drops Monday at 12pm ET on the I Am Athlete YouTube channel including Kendrick Perkins telling amazing stories about playing AAU basketball with LeBron James when they were teenagers!

Plus, Bun B explained how he went from a local rapper to a  global superstar — and how he became tight with Jay-Z.

Check out the promo clip of the I Am Athlete episode featuring Bun B, Lil Keke, Arian Foster, Brandon Marshall, and Kendrick Perkins below:

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