Macklemore Joins Sparkling Yerba Maté Beverage Brand CLEAN Cause As Investor & Creative Director

CLEAN Cause, the Austin, Texas-based sparkling Yerba Maté beverage company, today announced Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Ben Haggerty, better known as Macklemore, as the Brand’s first Creative Director and celebrity investor. 

The partnership brings together CLEAN Cause, a beverage brand on a mission to support individuals in recovery, and Macklemore, who has long been an advocate for the power of recovery and candid about his struggles with substance abuse. CLEAN Cause, which ranks number two in the yerba maté category, donates 50% of its net profits (or 5% net revenues, whichever is greater) to funding sober living scholarships.

As Creative Director and investor, Haggerty will bring an inspired vision to the Brand’s mission along with providing artistic direction on a new limited edition CLEAN Cause can, digital editorial content, and music & creative direction for the Brand. Over the next year, Macklemore and CLEAN Cause will execute numerous campaigns including a “Scan the Can” initiative, where exclusive content will be available to consumers via a QR Code on the product and POS. 

“I chose to align with and endorse a brand that is at the forefront of creating awareness for addiction and actively supporting the recovery community,” said Ben Haggerty. “As Creative Director and a new investor of the already impactful brand, I am excited to combine my creative passions with a great product in an effort to save lives. Together, our goal is to inspire and educate individuals on addiction and support those who are in recovery.” 

“We are grateful to be able to partner with one of the most iconic entertainers of our time who shares a similar passion to bring awareness and activism to the world on the epidemic of addiction,” says Wes Hurt, CEO, and Founder of CLEAN Cause. “As Creative Director, investor, and a person in recovery, Macklemore will bring fresh ideas and knowledge to our Brand to further spread awareness on the epidemic. While we both have different experiences with addiction, we are committed to fighting addiction. We’re just two men on a mission.” 

The CLEAN Cause product line consists of eight amazing tasting, USDA organic certified, sparkling yerba maté beverages that come in low and zero sugar options, with 160mgs of organic “Better Caffeine.” By purchasing a can of CLEAN Cause, consumers can directly support individuals in alcohol and drug addiction recovery. To date, CLEAN Cause has granted over 2,823 sober living scholarships representing more than $1,411,500 in communities across the country.