Budweiser Spotlights Emerging Music Artists With New NFT Collection

Budweiser is preparing to launch its newest Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Collection, Budweiser Royalty, which will go on sale on January 21st. 

For this collection, Budweiser is partnering with 22 of the world’s top emerging music artists including Satomaa, Leo Conoza, Sprtyk, Millie Go Lightly, Lil’ Polo Tee, Farina, Lil’ Keed, Kablito, and others to drop their first-ever NFTs. These NFTs allow fans to support artists directly and unlock exclusive experiences with them. Budweiser is supporting local artists by giving them a global platform on their journey to becoming the next kings and queens of the music industry. 

Collectors and fans who are 21+ (or legal drinking age) can purchase a Budweiser Royalty token for $499, which will mint in varying degrees of rarity. Each mint will reveal a random NFT collectible representing one of the 22 emerging artists. There will be a total of 11,000 NFTs, 500 per artist, with the chance for collectors to mint a randomly assigned NFT in one of three possible tiers: Core, Rare, or Ultra Rare token. Each tier carries different benefits for holders depending on the type of token received, which include:

  • Core NFTs are collectibles that let owners rep these rising stars and show off their fandom (400 Core/artist)
  • Rare NFTs get owners access to a virtual listening party on Discord with their specific artist (99 Rare/artist)
  • Ultra Rare NFTs give owners access to Rare NFT benefits as well as a video call with their specific artist (1 Ultra Rare/artist).

Vice President of Global Brands Richard Oppy said in a statement, “We are on a mission at Budweiser to give up-and-coming artists a global stage that they might not have access to otherwise. This talented group of artists are doing something different and exciting within their respective genres and markets, and we’re honored to spotlight them and give fans a richer digital experience with our latest NFT collection.” 

To reward early adopters of the brand’s first-ever NFT drop, Budverse Heritage Collection holders are eligible for early access to the Budweiser Royalty Collection. As another perk, Gold Budverse Heritage token holders will receive one free airdropped Budweiser Royalty NFT per Gold token in their wallet and Core Budverse Heritage token holders are eligible to redeem one free NFT per Core token in their wallet (gas fee not included).  

Adult consumers who are 21+ (or legal drinking age) can each purchase a limited number of NFTs directly through the website Budweiser.com/nft with the cryptocurrency ETH, Bitcoin, or with a credit card.

Budweiser continues to collaborate on the concept creation and execution of its NFT programs with VaynerNFT, the consultancy under the umbrella of the VaynerX holding company founded by serial entrepreneur and chairman Gary Vaynerchuk, who says, “I have a crazy affinity for emerging music artists, and I strongly believe this collaboration will bring immense value to both Budweiser and the artists and will unlock unique experiences for their fans.”