Swifty McVay Of D12 Talks Upcoming “Detroit Life 2” Featuring Kuniva, Jon Connor, 80 Empire + More Via Arsonal Vision Entertainment

Swifty McVay, of the multi-platinum Detroit hip-hop collective D12, is dropping Detroit Life 2 featuring guest appearances by D12 groupmate Kuniva, fellow Detroit native Jon Connors, multi-platinum artists/producers 80 Empire, Beez, Mr. Wrong, and others.

When asked about the concept of the release and putting the collection of tracks together, Swifty McVay exclusively spoke to Chad Kiser about it saying, “I felt with this Detroit Life 2 project that it was time to take it back to the raw essence of hip-hop.  There’s good rap music out here in this season, but there’s not enough of that raw essence that I came up listening to that inspired me to be who I am today lyrically.  So, I decided to bring that forth on this Detroit Life series.  The first Detroit Life LP was like an introduction of what the essence of Detroit is like musically, and sonically from my mind, eyes & ears, but the Detroit life 2 project has a similar essence but more raw, more of an open mic feel, but very Detroit-relatable.”

McVay elaborates about what the project means to him by continuing, “And the mission is for everybody from all four corners of the earth to feel The Detroit essence but from a young kid that was unapologetic and a hungry perspective similar to how when the world felt the essence of when the Boyz in the Hood movie came out or when the Menace To Society movie dropped. It wasn’t no doubt what we felt that West Coast culture’s essence at that season and time! But instead of bringing that similar essence visually for Detroit, I wanted to do it sonically.  Detroit Life is repped from everybody who lives in Michigan, not just the people who live in Detroit.  Michiganders can go anywhere in the world, not be exactly from Detroit, but will still say they’re from Detroit where ever they go, so that speaks volumes as far as the impact of what my city brings to the table. I am proud to wear Detroit life clothing on my body wherever I go and I want it to mimic that same energy, but just do it through music when it touches people around the world!”

The 13-track album is a follow-up to 2020’s Detroit Life album, which featured Lazarus, Obie Trice, and Trick Trick among others.

Check out the cover artwork and tracklist for Detroit Life 2 below: