Scarface Announces To Rock The Bells He Has Officially Un-Retired

In a response to an inquiry by Rock The Bells during an Instagram Live conversation, if he was actually retired, Houston legend and hip-hop icon Scarface announced that he has officially un-retired from music.

Scarface’s response to the question was, “No, no, no, fuck no. Rock The Bells. I was under the impression that that was gonna be my last shit cause I thought I was gon’ die,” Face noted. “So instead of ‘farewell’, it’s ‘alive and well.’”

This past September, ‘Face underwent a kidney transplant operation, in which his son, Christopher Jordan, heroically donated his own kidney and ultimately saved his father’s life. Prior to the operation, the Geto Boys frontman sent shock waves throughout the hip-hop world when he emphatically announced his retirement from rap.

Check out the exclusive Jake Rohn article over at the Rock The Bells site, and see their Instagram post below: