Klock Work Entertainment Releases Johnny J-Produced “Have Mercy (Part 1)” Album From Napoleon Of 2Pac’s Outlawz Ft. Val Young, Big Syke + More

Klock Work Entertainment, the label founded by the late Johnny J, recently released the Have Mercy (Part 1) album from Napoleon of 2Pac’s infamous Outlawz group.

Before his untimely passing, Johnny J signed Napoleon to his label in 2002 and intended to put out Have Mercy as a double-disc release by 2005. Klock Work Entertainment had executive produced a video from that album titled “Never Forget” by Napoleon featuring Val Young and Johnny J.

During the recording of that album, Napoleon was going through a process of finding himself and eventually became a Muslim and had decided to stop rapping. Although he understood the decision, it devastated Johnny J and he decided not to put the record out at that time.

The multi-platinum producer made a name for himself producing “Knockin Boots” for Candyman, and would soon be introduced to Big Syke, 2Pac, and The Outlawz. Johnny J worked closely with 2Pac and the Outlawz at the height of their careers, as he produced and co-wrote eleven songs on 2Pac’s 1996 Death Row Records release All Eyez On Me, which sold more than 15 million records in the United States alone, including “Run Tha Streetz”, “Thug Passion”, “Picture Me Rollin” and others. 2Pac’s single “How Do U Want It”, off the album sold more than 3 million copies and was 2Pac’s first number-one song, with the album and single later being nominated for Grammy Awards and American Music Awards.

Prior to 2Pac’s passing, Johnny J produced and co-wrote over a hundred songs with him including “Pour Out A Little Liquor”, “Death Around the Corner”, “High ‘Til I Die”, and “Are You Still Down” featuring Jon B.

Check out the Johnny J-produced Have Mercy (Part 1) from Napoleon of the Outlawz below: