DJ Muggs & Rigz Set To Drop The “Gold” Album Featuring Mooch

DJ Muggs, the legendary producer for Cypress Hill and leader of the Soul Assassins, just announced a new album with Rigz entitled Gold, featuring Mooch, will be dropping this Friday, January 7th.

DJ Muggs made the announcement on Instagram, as did Rigz who said in his post, “No emailed beats, no calls to brainstorm.. we stirred the pot organically. First day in we chopped it up for hours before we a beat was played. Everybody process to create is different , but when you in the same room it’s no comparison to how ya could feed off each other. I shut da fuck up and listen. A lot times ppl look for a opportunity instead of looking to learn. No growth in that.
@dabusinessend_mav set the tone for the theme and meaning we choose for the project. Majority of da team (Da Cloth 🏴) is on here features wit a few guest, no better way to start to the year.”

2021 saw DJ Muggs drop a vast of amount of collaborative projects like Winter 2 with Roc Marciano, Meyhem Lauren, and T.F., Cartagena with Crimeapple, “Mile Zero” with Yelawolf, Death & The Magician with Rome Streetz, and American Cheese with Hologram to name a few.

Check out the posts from Rigz & DJ Muggs on Gold below: