Royce 5’9 Joins YouTube Series ‘Aware Convos’

Continuing with conversations that matter, Aware Brand has released a new episode of their new YouTube series, Aware Convos, featuring hip-hop legend Royce 5’9.

This episode unveils the power of authenticity, the value of self-awareness, and the ins and outs of being in the music industry. Rapper Royce 5’9 sits alongside co-hosts Drew Sanders and Rich Faison engaging in an easy-flowing yet conversation that touches on mental health and the power of being authentic in the music industry.

“Royce 5’9 is a very intentional person that is full of knowledge so it was a must that we featured him on Aware Convos. In this episode, we focused on being genuine and Royce symbolizes that perfectly,” says Rich Faison, co-Founder of The Aware Brand.

The multi-layered Royce 5’9 is best known for his immaculate pen game and most recently production skills on his last musical offering The Allegory.  He has always displayed innate self-awareness within his music and real life.   This conversation shows Royce in a very comfortable state where he gives The Aware Brand very wise advice.  

“As I get older, I realized I needed to articulate how I feel. Being vulnerable is another conversation. Between all the hyper-masculine sh*t and our environment, expressing ourselves started to correlate to a wall automatically coming up when it was time to be vulnerable,” said Royce 5’9.

Royce also discusses the challenges, trials, and tribulations of working in the music industry. He reveals his success story comes from his commitment and strong dedication to his craft rather than the other stigmas of the rap culture and on signing label deals he says,  “[In the beginning] you are going to go on a trial and error path, and it’s going to be more error than there will be a trial, and nine out of ten of those people will not survive.  And it doesn’t have to be like that.  All there is an information disconnect.”

Since its launch in November, Aware Convos has walked listeners through different conversations to reveal how self-awareness and self-love ultimately affect us.

Episodes are available now to watch on YouTube and available to listen on Apple PodcastsSpotifyAmazon Music, iHeartRadio, and Google podcasting platforms.

Check out the Aware Convos episode featuring Royce 5’9 below: