“GTA Online: The Contract” Features Scene Referencing Dr. Dre’s “Detox”

In the new Grand Theft Auto expansion story, The Contract, the mission is to find Dr. Dre‘s lost phone, which leads to the game player discovering new and unreleased Dr. Dre tracks. One of the scenes in the game even references the mythical Detox album that has eluded music years for years.

In the scene, Lamar accidentally finds out that the new client is Dr. Dre: “Client? What client? What the F**K! Dre lost his phone? That man is a physician! You know how important that is, man? I bet it’s all kind of s**t in that phone. I wonder what’s in that phone?!”

“Dude has been making beats for years! A LEGEND! Man, look, that mythical lost album (DETOX) up in that motherf**ka!”

It’s been well-established that Dr. Dre was working on a Detox album for a number of years, with some of those tracks being used on albums for Eminem, 50 Cent, Game, and others.

The reference in GTA Online: The Contract, is a great nod to include as it could be assumed that the music on Dre’s phone would contain tracks that could have potentially once been earmarked for the now mythological project.

Check out the scene below where Lamar and Franklin discuss Dr. Dre’s Detox: