DJ Pooh Talks Introducing Dr. Dre To ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Video Game, Bringing Rockstar Games & Dre Together, GTA 5: The Contract + More With Rolling Stone Magazine

DJ Pooh is undeniably a pillar in hip-hop. Four decades in, he has produced classic songs for LL Cool JKing TeeSnoop Dogg2PacIce CubeTha Dogg Pound and others. Coming up as a DJ for the legendary West Coast DJ crew of Uncle Jamm’s Army, Pooh’s historical production on LL Cool J’s 1987 release Bigger & Deffer, would cement him as a true pioneer.

With the release of Rockstar Game‘s GTA 5: The Contract, DJ pooh sat down with Rolling Stone Magazine to talk about how he introduced Dr. Dre to the Grand Theft Auto series a few years ago, and through having a presence in the GTA world for over a decade Pooh was able to bring Dr. Dre and Rockstar Games’ co-studio head Rob Nelson together.

Check out the full interview between DJ Pooh, Rob Nelson and Rolling Stone Magazine here.