80 Empire Drops “Anthems & Icons” Featuring DMC, Papa J, WC, Kurupt, KRS-One, Grafh, Jomi + More Via Fat Beats

80 Empire dropped their latest release Anthems & Icons, and with the assistance of A&R extraordinaire M-Eighty the 17-track project features an elite collection of emcees including WCDMCKxng CrookedLayzie BoneKuruptJon Connor, and more. The almighty M-Eighty also brokered the deal with Fat Beats to release Anthems & Icons.

When asked about the concept of the release and working with some hip-hop’s elite in putting the collection of tracks together, the producers Adrian Rezza and Lucas Rezza, exclusively spoke to Chad Kiser about it in saying, “The motivation behind Anthems and Icons for Luke and I was to put together an eclectic body of work with anthemic choruses and heavy beats with some Hip-hop’s icons.”

A big portion of the recording was impeded when Adrian was hospitalized for Covid. However, that didn’t keep the project from being completed, as 80 Empire persevered through the and navigated the obstacle in an inspiring way. On recording during his recovery from Covid, Adrian stated, “I was in the hospital for a month with covid pneumonia, bloodclots in my legs and chest, pleurisy, then when I got out a collapsed lung. When I got out I couldn’t sing, could barely rap because of breath issues. My family truly got me through and Lucas really was my coach inspiring me to fight. When he played some of the beats I had to find that inner strength to finish the album even with a collapsed lung. This was really a testament to mind over matter. All the legends on this album truly blessed us and crafted their verses to the hooks and beats. Despite the obstacles we have faced we managed to finish the album. We think there’s something iconic about battling adversity and executing something until completion.”

The Rezza brothers love to help tell their and others’ stories through the art of song. The number “80” in their moniker is the phonetic of “A-D”, as in Analog/Digital, and aptly describes their personalities to a proverbial tee. One, is emotional and impulsive favoring Antiques and things with age and patina (Analog), while the other is ordered and methodical with a penchant for Star Wars and all things technological (Digital). It’s a unique combination, just like their music.

Check out Anthems & Icons from below: