Ice-T Discusses Working With Ice Cube, New Music From Dr. Dre & Shares Stories From Making “Trespass” Movie + More On Holdin’ Court Podcast

The OG rapper/actor Ice-T recently appeared on the Holdin’ Court podcast to talk about working with fellow actor/rapper Ice Cube, new music and projects coming from Dr. Dre, working with the late Tiny “Deebo” Lister, and shares stories from the set of the 1992 film Trespass.

The West Coast legend and Hip-Hop icon has been talking with host Big Court about numerous topics over the course of the interview series including the benefits of being square and the success that comes with refinement, his past beef with LL Cool J, what started it, and how their truce came about; shares stories on his run-ins with the notorious OG Crip Stanley “Tookie” Williams, his Crip gang taking over stages doing bodybuilding pose downs, how Tookie’s fearsome reputation preceded him, and the time Iceberg’s girlfriend almost got him in trouble with Tookie, and more.

Check out part 6 of the Holdin’ Court podcast interview with the OG Ice-T below: