E-A-Ski Discusses Upcoming New Single “24 Bars Of Terror”

Grammy Award-winning producer E-A-Ski is prepping his latest single, “24 Bars of Terror”, and exclusively spoke with Chad Kiser about the concept and significance of the upcoming record.

“24 Bars of Terror is covering a lot of ground. It’s speaking from a perspective that the music industry has gone to a very dark and demonic place,” E-A-Ski states emphatically. “We have a lot of young emcees coming up that are following leads and don’t understand that they’re getting deceived. A lot of people are going to be selling their souls, not knowing what they’re getting involved in. They are going to make records, but not make money because they’ve been taught these formulas that’s just not real. There are going to be a lot more dead urban rappers because of the way the industry is, trying to prove yourselves to the streets. They don’t understand what comes along with that. We’ve lost some of the greatest people that we’ve looked up to that had an entourage of a million people, and they’re still dead. The tough guy stuff has gotta stop. We gotta be realistic on what’s going on and why this stuff is happening, and the agenda behind what’s going on.”

Concluding his thoughts on the song and the industry, Ski continues saying, “So, 24 Bars of Terror is covering a lot of ground in 24 bars just to let people know that Ski is woke. I’ve been doing this, I’ve been seeing this, and I’ve been speaking on this. And now I have to be a little bit more aggressive in getting them to wake up and see that this is not a game, it’s not a joke and we’re going to lose more people if we’re not paying attention to what’s going on.”

The multi-platinum producer has been hard work throughout the last year, as he’s dropped some incredible music with artists like SS From The West (Mood Swingz 2), Thug Misses & Rayven Justice (“Ridah”), and Jon Connor (“Reflect Music”). In addition, Ski dropped the instrumental album Producers vs. Beatmakers, and is putting together upcoming tracks with Richie Rich (“Double Back”), Aobie (“Suicide Watch”, “Trouble Seems To Find Me”), and more.

Stay tuned for more info on E-A-Ski’s “24 Bars of Terror”!