Former DJ Quik Manager Stan Sheppard Refutes Implications Made By Keefe D That The Producer Helped To Set Up Biggie’s Murder

Keefe D, the uncle of Tupac Shakur’s alleged killer Orlando Anderson, was recently featured on The Art of Dialogue, where he made some eye-opening comments and pointed the finger at music producer DJ Quik regarding the March 1997 murder of Bad Boy Records artist The Notorious B.I.G. after a party for Vibe Magazine at the Petersen Automotive Museum in West Los Angeles.

During the interview, Keefe D said, “Me myself, I think Theo and them did ’em, the DJ dude. That’s who I think did it. Him and Quik. That’s what I think. I just think the set-up went down in that type of way, but I don’t think homegirl [Jewell] did it ’cause Puff told me that they was there to sign with his label.”

“He showed up with them Blood dudes,” he continued on. “My homies was out and was like, ‘Them niggas are here.’ I went and relayed the messages that DJ Quik and the dude Theo, he was a radio personality back then, was down there with them dudes. That’s where the shit went down.”

Now, in an exclusive statement sent to Chad Kiser by DJ Quik’s former manager (1994-2005) Stan Sheppard, the music executive said in a response to those implications, “Keefe D stated that DJ Quik and my Compton connections/bodyguards set up Biggie to be attacked. To set the record straight, yes, DJ Quik and I were standing right next to Biggie and his bodyguards waiting outside for our cars to pull up. We both acknowledged Biggie and Biggie acknowledged Quik. Biggie then got into his car and left and the rest is history. The L.A.P.D. had some confidential informant that placed the blame on Quik and (my label) Sheppard Lane Records because a few weeks earlier Quik put out a ‘radio drop’ that stated he was no longer a supporter of East Coast Rap. The L.A.P.D. questioned me and Quik extensively and came to the conclusion that their info was wrong and Quik nor I was involved in any way with Biggie’s murder.”

Check out the statements made by Keefe D during his interview on The Art of Dialogue below: