E-A-Ski Preps New Single “Legendary” From Upcoming EP

Grammy Award-winning producer E-A-Ski is prepping his latest single, “Legendary”, as he continues to put together the Artist/Producer EP.

The multi-platinum producer who has composed music for several of the industry’s elite including Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Naughty By Nature, Too Short, Spice-1 and others, spoke exclusively to Chad Kiser about the upcoming single “Legendary”.

“The meaning behind Legendary is basically doing this as long as I’ve done it, being consistent, selling over 40 million records worldwide, and getting a Grammy Award, I started realizing times are changing as people are calling each other legends and the greatest of all time without having the track record or even the accolades to back up those claims. They’re self-proclaiming themselves legends,” E-A-Ski said.

Quoting one of the verses in the song, Ski continues, “‘We’re not even the same bro/we’re not even in the same league, we’re not in the same game bro/a samurai to a butter knife/a Benz to a Hyundai/ a digital niggaro, you’re not even original/it’s pitiful for you to think for even one second/you can come close to sonically making a hot record/ let alone your contents is nonsense when I drop a four-alarm fire and a bomb threat/'”. This basically lets it be known that there’s a big difference between legends and people that’s popular. People are coming in and letting popularity swoop in a supersede that popularity doesn’t equal a legend or a greatest of all time, it just means that you’re popular for this time period.”

Check out the trailer for “Legendary” from E-A-Ski below: