Kxng Crooked & Hittman Discuss Wanting A Documentary Of Dr. Dre’s “2001” With All The Artists, Producers, And Engineers

Kxng Crooked posted on Twitter how he would like to see a documentary on the making of Dr. Dre‘s 2001, in which he would want it to include all the artists, producers, and engineers who were involved in the creation of the classic record.

“Would luv a documentary on Chronic 2001 starring all the artists, producers and engineers involved in the making of..”

Responding to Crooked’s tweet, former Dr. Dre protege Hittman commented how the song “Housewife” featuring Kurupt & Hittman has a particularly amusing story behind it;s creation: “Man oh man, every single song has either a hilarious or dramatic backstory to it (and Housewife is one of the funniest IMO).”

Check out the Twitter exchange between Kxng Crooked and Hittman below: