Erotic-D Talks Falling Out With Six-Two & The D.O.C. Writing For MC Breed + More On Unique Access With Soren Baker

During part 5 of Soren Baker‘s discussion with Erotic D, the legendary Dallas, Texas producer stops by Unique Access Entertainment to discuss falling out with once prominent protégé Six-Two, and also tells Soren Baker about The D.O.C. writing for the late MC Breed.

Unique Access and Erotic D have been discussing a number of topics over the course of their interview series including using a Christopher Walken “Poolhall Junkies” monologue on the intro to his King Shit LP, making the Gun Shot Residue project with his son Evry Day Tony, going over samples with Dr. Dre, how The D.O.C. approached him to produce Helter Skelter, and more.

Check out Soren Baker & Erotic D talking on Unique Access below: