E-World Entertainment’s Re:Zen Readies New Erotic D-Produced Singles “Dollaz” And “Drinks & Hoes” For October Release

It’s a true family affair from the E-World Entertainment conglomerate. As the patriarch, Erotic D is ushering in a new generation of Texas talent with sons EvryDay Tony, Re:Zen, and Levi The Young Dragon set for an industry takeover.

E-World is prepping the latest release from Dallas/Ft. Worth emcee Re:Zen, with a couple of upcoming single releases with “Dollaz” and “Drinks & Hoes” for this October.

Produced by the legendary Dallas, Texas producer Erotic D, “Dollaz” is a smooth, laid back track, and Re:Zen flows effortlessly over the beat. The father and son duo are leading the way for this E-World Entertainment onslaught of new music coming in the latter half of 2021, which includes new music from EvryDay Tony, Erotic D, and Levi The Young Dragon.

When asked by Chad Kiser about “Dollaz” and “Drinks & Hoes”, Re:Zen said, “Dollaz” was meant to be a depiction of the influence money has over people, and some of the ways that influence has affected me at various times in my life, whereas ”Drinks & Hoes” was based on some of my later college years [laughs]. But the main point of it is distractions! We all have them, whether it be drinks & hoes or weed & liquor, we all have our escapes that play a part in our journey to success.”

Keep a lookout for updates and releases from E-World Entertainment!