Happy Birthday CPO Boss Hogg!

West Coast legend CPO Boss Hogg has been captivating fans of west coast hip-hop since 1990 when he stepped on the scene with his crew, the Capital Punishment Organization.

Discovered and introduced by MC Ren, CPO Boss Hogg, aka Lil’ Nation, made his extraordinary debut when the video to “Ballad Of A Menace” was released, and featured members of N.W.A. — Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, and MC Ren.

On the heels of C.P.O.’s To Hell And Black debut album, Boss Hogg landed a guest appearance as Mr. Big Draws on N.W.A.’s “Findum, Fuck’em, and Flee” off thegroup’s 1991 Efil4zaggin album.

From there, CPO Boss Hogg would continue to make appearances on a host of classic west coast albums in the 90’s including the Above The Rim (“Just So Ya No”) and Murder Was The Case (“The Eulogy”) soundtracks, as well popping up to steal the show on 2Pac’s Diamond-certified, 10x-platinum album All Eyez On Me (“Picture Me Rollin”).

In the early 2000’s Boss Hogg continued to link up with some of the west’s finest when he showed up alongside Tha EastsidazXzibit and Kurupt for “The Big Bang Theory”, he popped in for 2 cuts for Warren G’s Return Of The Regulator (“They Lovin’ Me Now”, “It Ain’t Nothing Wrong With You”), and put one down for Snoop Dogg on the Bones soundtrack with “This Is My Life”.

Happy Birthday CPO Boss Hogg!

Check out the “Ballad Of A Menace” video from CPO Boss Hogg’s debut album, featuring MC Ren below: