Scarface & Willie D Of The Geto Boys Announce New “Geto Boys Reloaded” Podcast

Bushwick Bill, Scarface, and Willie D – known to the world as The Geto Boys – put Houston, TX on the map by pioneering their nightmarish imagery, physical abuse and psychological horror in their songs like their opus “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”.

Releasing their debut album, 1989’s Grip It! On That Other Level, on Rap-A-lot Records, the trio would go on to become multi-platinum pioneers. Sadly in 2019, the group lost pivotal group member Bushwick Bill to pancreatic cancer, effectively forcing the end of the The Geto Boys as we know it.

However, in a recent Instagram post from Scarface, he and Willie D are putting together a new podcast called Geto Boys Reloaded. According to the podcast’s headline, it will be “reminiscent of their previous works as artists, they’re bringing forth compelling and thought-provoking conversations highlighting music, entertainment, social issues, and awareness.” The new podcast launches Monday, July 5, 2021.

Check out the Instagram post from Scarface promoting the new venture between he and Willie D below:

Listen to introduction of the upcoming Geto Boys Reloaded podcast featuring Scarface and Willie D below: