Too Short Regrets Passing On Early Kanye West Beats, Celebrates Producers Dr. Dre, Mike Dean, Timbaland +More

On the latest airing of the new Too Short-hosted show Don’t Stop Rappin’ on Rock The Bells Radio, the Oakland, California icon celebrated the longevity of several producers and featured music from Scarface, Jay-Z, Eve, The D.O.C., UGK, Lil’ Pump, 2Chainz, Kendrick Lamar and several others.

During the broadcast, Too Short recounted being on the phone with Houston legend Scarface and how he introduced him to a young producer out of Chicago named Kanye West.

“I often think back to when I had an opportunity to work with Kanye West, and I got a phone call from Scarface. Scarface, he’s from Houston, he hit me up . He was fucking with Jay-Z, Def Jam, Dame Dash and all them. He called me and said, ‘Short, I got a boy with them beats, man. He’s out of Chicago, the boy is the truth, man.’ I think he told me the beats was like $2500 a pop, and it’s the shit. I told Scarface, I’m out here in ATL, man. I got all the producers I need, I don’t need beats, I’m good on beats. I’m fuckin’ with Lil’ Jon, Jazze Pha, Ant Banks. I don’t even need beats, man. I passed up on the opportunity to work with a young Kanye. I kick myself in the ass right now every day for that shit, man. I wish I would have listened to Scarface.”

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