$hort Stories: Too Short Talks Seeing 2Pac For The Last Time On The Night He Was Shot In Las Vegas

In the latest episode of Too Short‘s $hort Stories series, the Bay Area icon and West Coast pioneer talks about seeing 2Pac the night he got shot in Las Vegas.

“I saw 2Pac the night he got shot in Vegas. It was probably about a couple of hours, maybe, before it happened. I went tot the fight, it was one of those classic Mike Tyson fights. He knocked him out in like 90 seconds.” Too Short starts off. “I was staying at the Luxor, and we were going in the hotel, and 2Pac, Suge, and small little entourage, they was leaving. We stopped and talked for a minute or so, and he said, ‘we about to switch up the fits and head to Club 662. It’s going to be open mic and everybody’s going to get on the mic.’ I said cool, we’re going to be there. He never made it.”

2Pac collaborated with Too Short on a couple of projects including being featured on the song “We Do This”, which also had the late MC Breed and former Dangerous Crew member Father Dom on the song, from Too Short’s 1995 Cocktails album. The two also collaborated with MC Breed for the Ant Banks-produced “4 Tha Hustlas” from the producer’s 1997 Big Thangs album on Priority Records.

Check out the latest episode of $hort Stories below: