Hip-Hop Pioneer & Icon LL Cool J Promising New Music Is On The Way

Pioneering emcee LL Cool J took to Twitter to promise fans that a new music project is on the way.

The two-time Grammy Award winner is known most notably known for classic and iconic songs like “Going Back to Cali”, “I’m Bad”, “The Boomin’ System”, “Mama Said Knock You Out”, “I Need Love”, “Around the Way Girl” and “Hey Lover” to name a select few from the iconic emcee.

In one of his more recent interviews, a 2019 Billboard interview, the Rock The Bells CEO & Founder divulged that he and West Coast super-producer Dr. Dre had recorded 30 to 40 songs together. “We’ve done a lot of experimenting,” LL explained at the time. “We have 30 to 40 songs we recorded together that have never been released. We just create art and make music that’s not necessarily for public consumption, but to just have fun and create.”

While it’s unclear what the promised music project is or who’s involved, having some new LL Cool J to blast in the speakers would certainly be welcomed!

Check out the the Tweets from LL Cool J below: