Ice Cube Reflects On Putting Gold Plaques Up In His Parents House, Ice-T Breaking Doors Down For N.W.A., Eazy-E Always Playing “Criminal Minded” + More On Kevin Smith’s “Smodcast” Show

West Coast icon Ice Cube was recently a featured guest on multi-hyphenate filmmaker-comic book writer-podcaster Kevin Smith‘s SModcast to talk about a multitude of topics including what it feels like to be the voice of a generation, putting gold plaques up in his mother’s house and his parent’s reaction to his success, working on the Boyz n the Hood film and so much more.

Ice Cube shouts out Ice-T for taking West Coast hip-hop nationwide and breaking down the doors for N.W.A, and says of that, “Ice-T was going on a Dope Jam tour, so he was actually touring and taking West Coast hip-hop nationwide and softening the people up for N.W.A. So I think without Ice-T, N.W.A would have took a little longer to break.”

The two entertainment stars sing the intro to the Boogie Down Productions classic “Criminal Minded”, and Cube shares that Eazy-E was always playing that record.

Throughout the episode, Ice Cube shouts out other West Coast groups like Compton’s Most Wanted, DJ Quik, King T and others, while flashback footage is peppered like showing a young Ice Cube and Sir Jinx in the studio together

Check out Kevin Smith’s smodcast episode with Ice Cube below: