$hort Stories: Too Short Recounts His Favorite Eazy-E Story

Episode 2 of the Too Short‘s $hort Stories series, the West Coast pioneer details his favorite Eazy-E story from their time touring together on the Straight Outta Compton tour in 1989.

In the episode Short recounts the time they were traveling from the show on the freeway, and a fan pulled up beside them after recognizing Eazy-E in the passenger side of the van. To give the fan an “experience”, Eazy puts his gun out of the window of the van and fires shots in the air.

“Eazy-E, with no hesitation, rolled down the window, like to holla at homeboy, and just fires like six shots in the air. Scared the shit out that motherfucker,” recalls Too Short.

Check out episode 2 of $hort Stories below:

In the premiere episode of $hort Stories, the Oakland, California icon and Mount Westmore supergroup member Too Short shared a story about hanging out and partying with comedians Dave Chappelle and Katt Williams after one of Chapelle’s impromptu shows in Oakland.

Shortdog also mentioned how he and the actor/comedian are often mistaken for each other by fans. “People have come up to me and hit me with the, ‘Dave Chapelle!’, and I don’t say, no I’m Too Short, I just go along with it and say, ‘hey, what’s up?’. Just give them a good moment for Dave Chappelle. And he’s said that he’s done the same for me in return.”

Check out the premiere episode of $hort Stories below: