$hort Stories: Too Short On Partying With Katt Williams & Being Mistaken For Dave Chappelle

In the premiere episode of a new video series called $hort Stories, Oakland, California icon and Mount Westmore supergroup member Too Short shares a story about hanging out and partying with comedians Dave Chappelle and Katt Williams after one of Chapelle’s impromptu shows in Oakland.

Shortdog also mentions how he and the actor/comedian are often mistaken for each other by fans. “People have come up to me and hit me with the, ‘Dave Chapelle!’, and I don’t say, no I’m Too Short, I just go along with it and say, ‘hey, what’s up?’. Just give them a good moment for Dave Chappelle. And he’s said that he’s done the same for me in return.”

Check out the premiere episode of $hort Stories below: