Mt. Westmore Is “Checc’in” With New Sneak-Peek Video

In new Instagram post on the Mt. Westmore group page, Snoop Dogg is seen in the studio rapping to and listening to a song snippet presumably entitled “Checc’in”.

During the video snippet, Snoop is seen rapping along to the end of his verse, before Ice Cube‘s comes on and raps: “I touch down and I’m gettin’ my folks/we in town homie at the airport/I’m in your city just to get c-notes/I’m not alone, boy, I’m with the goats/40 Water, Snoop and Too Short/for anybody wanting to smoke/you don’t want it, but you gon’ get it/cuz nowadays everybody’s a critic..”

It’s unknown who produced the record, but with what we’ve heard in the last few months coming out about the Ice Cube, Too Short, E-40, and Snoop Dogg supergroup album, it’s shaping up to be incredible!

Check out the post below: