Snoop Dogg Previews New ProHoeZak-Produced “Say It Witcha Booty”

Snoop Dogg & ProHoeZak are back at it again! Snoop jumped on Instagram to preview “Say It With Ya Booty”, a new single off the upcoming From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suites album.

Produced by ProHoeZak, who is also featured on the song’s hook, the new record finds Snoop giving it up to the ladies on this one.

ProHoeZak kicks it off with the chorus: “Now If you want it (if you want it)/if you really need it (if you really need it/You want me to get it (you want me to get it)/Then say it with ya booty”, before Snoop jumps in with his verse, spitting, “Fe Fi Fo Fum, I’m watching it go dumb/Titties jigglin, ass wigglin’/and my bitch wanna come/big ass bring it over/rev it up like a motor“.

The pair recently lit one up with the “Roaches In My Ashtray” single that Snoop dropped off last week.

While Snoop Dogg is gearing up for his upcoming 18th solo album, From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suites on 4/20/21, he’s also readying the much anticipated Mt. Westmore group album, which also includes Ice CubeE-40, and Too Short.

ProHoeZak, during an exclusive Conversations With Chad interview, revealed he has contributed several tracks to the upcoming Mt. Westmore project, as well as recently producing the title track “Ain’t Gone Do It” from Too Short’s latest release.