Veteran Music Executive Stan Sheppard Releases “Sharks, Demons And Gangsters” Book

Music executive and industry veteran Stan Sheppard, the former co-owner of SheppardLane Records which was home to artists like Suga Free and the late great Mausberg, has just released a new book entitled “Sharks, Demons And Gangsters”.

The explosive new book is described as being the true, unfiltered story to the inner workings of the recording industry and the shocking details of how Black Music was formed in the United States and the men who were responsible for building this multi-billion dollar industry.

Take a listen to an excerpt of the book below:

Stan Sheppard has also managed the careers of West Coast producers DJ Quik and DJ Battlecat, West Coast rapper/vocalist Kokane and others.

Get your copy of “Sharks, Demons, And Gangsters” here.