UPS Has Too Short & E-40 “Ain’t Gone Do It” Video Pulled For Copyright Infringement

On February 16, Too Short & E-40 dropped the video for their ProHoezak-produced “Ain’t Gone Do It,” song off their double album release, Ain’t Gone Do It / Terms and Conditions.

In the video the two pioneering rappers were shown in UPS (United Pimpin’ Services) uniforms, as Too Short delivered various packages around the city with E-40 acting as a supervisor.

Shortdog spoke about the video upon its release saying, “It’s always a party and good vibes when you have E-40 and I together – you experienced it on Verzuz, you felt it on our joint album and you’re seeing it in this video. We really wanted to make a visual that would entertain people and keep the positive energy going.”

Now, the real UPS (United Parcel Service) has had the video taken down for copyright infringement.