Producer ProHoeZak Gives Sneak Peak Story Of Making New Mt. Westmore Song

Snoop Dogg recently premiered a new Mt. Westmore song during a conversation with Julio G on the west coast DJ’s Instagram Live.

West Coast producer ProHoeZak has followed up on his Instagram page to explain the story behind the funky beat he put together for the west coast supergroup of Too Short, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, E-40 to bust to.

“See, I was in the Mothership with uncle George [Clinton], and we was flying over Atlantis. I looked in the water and saw that Snoop, E-40, Ice Cube, and Too Short was trying to raise Atlantis to the roof! But they was having problems, they had the player haters calling them old heads and shit. That’s some Sir Noses! We got to get rid of him, I saw that he was in the way. So I said, ‘Uncle George, pass me the bop gun.’ He put it in my hand, I cocked that sucker back, shot them with the Flashlight, and that nigga caught the rhythm of the stroke! And then I blessed them with one of these, cat daddy..”

ProHoeZak played the funky instrumental to the song following the story he shared. Check the the full video below:

The title of the song is still unknown at this time, but stay tuned for more updates as the project nears release!