Snoop Dogg Goes Beyond the Bottle in New Augmented Reality Experience for 19 Crimes “Snoop Cali Red”

Following the wildly successful augmented reality (AR) wine label experience for the launch of Snoop Cali Red, 19 Crimes is proud to announce its newest iteration, “Ask the Doggfather,” once again starring entertainment icon Snoop Dogg. Created by augmented reality studio Tactic, in collaboration with agency Cashmere and award-winning software company 8th Wall, the latest 19 Crimes experience gives users the chance to pose life’s burning questions to the Doggfather himself.

“Ask the Doggfather” marks an evolution of the “Living Wine Labels” AR series, the first experience activated by a wine label using 8th Wall technology — a software that makes it possible to build interactive web-based augmented reality (WebAR) that works on any smartphone without an app. Users simply go to on a mobile device and scan any bottle of Snoop Cali Red. From there, ask a question and Snoop will appear in miniature holographic form to offer wisdom with a touch of his signature swagger.

To bring the experience to life, Snoop was captured on green screen, largely overcoming the restrictions and production constraints in California during the pandemic. On set, Snoop made sure that his dialog was authentic, at times improvising to help give the AR experience some extra flavor. Tactic and their technology partners were invaluable in the process. Tactic chose 8th Wall because their augmented reality development platform was the first to support cylindrical- and conical-shaped image targets that can be activated in a mobile browser. The technology provides a frictionless experience to end users, which is key to attaining the widest reach possible for nearly 3 billion smartphones across both iOS and Android devices.

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Snoop Dogg Goes Beyond the Bottle in New Augmented Reality Experience for 19 Crimes’ Snoop Cali Red 

John Wardley, TWE Marketing Vice President, Americas, explains “19 Crimes was the first wine to bring an AR experience to consumers — so it’s appropriate that the brand raises the bar again with ‘Ask the Doggfather.’ This is truly a next level AR experience, which could only come to life through our partnership with Snoop. Instead of a face talking off the bottle, Snoop now jumps right off the bottle and answers any questions his fans would like to ask. It’s a magical experience, and just in time for the holidays.”

“Snoop is overjoyed with the success of his Cali Red Wine and is excited to continue to work in collaboration with Treasury Wine Estates to innovate. The ‘Ask the Doggfather’ AR launch is the next step in this journey and he can’t wait to share this project with his fans and help spread some holiday cheer!” says Nick Adler, Snoop’s Manager.

“Ask the Doggfather” is available now at on all mobile devices, with key visuals available for download here. Additional AR experiences for the full 19 Crimes line are available using the Living Wine Labels application available in the mobile app store. Snoop Cali Red (SRP: $12) is available nationwide and more information is available on the 19 Crimes website,