Brownie Blendz Drops “Time’s Up” remix Featuring Mr. ILL, Ant Diddley Dog, V-White, and Big Zeke

Brownie Blendz has just released the “Time’s Up” remix featuring some of Oakland, California’s best to ever do it. The song touches on the current state of events like Covid-19, the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor incidents, and the civil unrest occurring around the country.

Appearing together for the first time since 1997’s Ant Banks-produced “Time Is Tickin” tribute record to Rappin’ Ron, former Bad N-Fluenz and Cell Block Records collaborators Mr. ILL and Ant Diddley Dog (a/k/a A. Doulos) picked the mic back up and jumped on this stirring track, along with V-White and Big Zeke. #TimesUp

The video to the original track, produced by 80Seven, is featured below.