Charlamagne The God & “The Gangster Chronicles” Sign Huge iHeart Media Deal

Hip-Hop’s reigning king of media, Charlamagne The God, and iHeart Media, the #1 Radio & Podcast company in the world, have just completed a joint venture deal with The Digital Soapbox Network to launch their runaway hit podcast show called The Gangster Chronicles.

The Gangster Chronicles was the brainchild of a young man from Cleveland, OH by the name of Norman “Bigg” Steele. His vision was to launch a raw, street-edged podcast that would speak directly to the youth in Hip-Hop and address issues involving gangs and their effect on rap music. Included in those discussions were the reasons behind the carnage associated with rap music, and how the lyrics on most of the hit rap tracks being released promote gang membership and drug dealing.

Norman Steele joined with veteran entertainment industry executive Stan Sheppard two years ago, and together they plotted a course to take the show to new heights and the company’s success in the Hip-Hop community has been absolutely incredible.

The Gangster Chronicles success was a result of hard work and determination. Within the last six months the owners of the show have been approached by several major media companies to discuss joint venture deals, but Norman Steele and Stan Sheppard felt that the best way to move forward was to partner up with Charlamagne The God and iHeart Media.

Stan Sheppard, who is the General Manager/Sr. Business Advisor for the corporation, states that, “the decision to join forces with Charlamagne The God and iHeart wasn’t a difficult decision at all. The terms of the deal were all Norman and I could have asked for and having the opportunity to work with Charlamagne and iHeart Media was just too good to turn down.”

The two companies are making plans to launch a world tour for The Gangster Chronicles and to assist in the development of a high-end clothing line as well as a cable television show carrying the same name.

Be on the lookout for the worldwide launch of The Gangster Chronicles via iHeart Media and the Charlamagne The God/Black Effect Network.