Too Short Releases The Cell Block Records Compilation Greatest Hits Featuring Ant Banks, Bad N-Fluenz, 2Pac & Spice 1

For the first time ever, Cellblock Records is available digitally and on all streaming platforms!

Cellblock Records was an Oakland, CA-based record label in the mid-90’s which boasted a collection of high-powered artists like Bad N-Fluenz (Rappin’ Ron & Ant Diddley Dog), Mr. ILL, FM Blue and others.  The label had deep connections with Too Short’s imprint Dangerous Music as the artists and producers off the labels often collaborated on songs like “Oakland Style” with  FM Blue and “Get In Where You Fit In” featuring Rappin’ Ron & Ant Diddley Dog which can be found on Too Short’s 1993 album Get In Where You Fit In album.

Ant Banks, who produced much of Too Short and Dangerous Music’s catalog through the 90’s, also featured the Bad N-Fluenz click on his 1994 album “The Big Badass” on the song “Pimp Style Gangstas”. The iconic producer also contributed to their Cellblock debut Bad N-Fluenz with songs like “The Bomb”, “All Rapped Up”, “You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet”, and “Maniac Mind”.

Too Short recently released some Cellblock’s catalog in a Greatest Hits format with songs like the original version of “I Can’t Turn Back” featuring 2Pac & Spice 1, “Flossn” by Father Dom, “Deep Shit” by Bad N-Fluenz, “Crooked” with FM Blue, and “Am I Dreaming” from the late MC Breed.  The collection also features production from Ant Banks, Black Jack, Tone Capone, and Terry T to name a few.