E-A-Ski Confirms Ice Cube Track “Still In The Kitchen, Discusses “Everything’s Corrupt”

Ice Cube’s upcoming album Everything’s Corrupt is building a buzz and mystique not only because he hasn’t released an album since 2010, but also due to the accumulation of possible tracks vying for the final cut. Producer/rapper veteran E-A-Ski is one of the lucky invitees participating, having already submitted three beats to Cube.  “I know we got one, one and another one that we messin’ around with. So about three right now that we playin’ with ideas for,” according to Ski.

One of his contributions thus far has been work on a track titled “Still In The Kitchen.” Between the rhymes with food-related metaphors and the overall energy, Ice Cube is “Still chef at this shit” explains Ski. “Metaphorically speaking…it’s dope how he’s doing it ‘cause there isn’t really one prognosis. Just comin’ from different angles. Real clever. Real clever how he doin’ it.”

He may be excited about his involvement on Everything’s Corrupt, but EA-Ski is equally vocal about everything and everyone else in contention for the album. “[Ice Cube]’s got a lot of records that bounce and just make you…it’s really hard to explain, ‘cause [there is] the stuff that catches you off guard, but he’s made a lot of records. He just ain’t sure which ones he wanna use, ‘cause he’s still building, he still working.”

Cube released the single “Everything’s Corrupt” in November 2012, but the title-track offers little in what can be expected from the album as a whole. “I keep playing around with a lot of ideas and seeing what’s going to be the best addition to the album [for it] to be what he want it to be. He’s not going to know what’s the hit record right now. And that’s why we in there making sure we make the best record,” explains EA-Ski. “We gonna sit back, we gonna discuss it, make sure the album is cohesive, and everything feels good…‘cause he wanted to take his time to make this record the way he wanted.” 

The album is still a work-in-progress. Nevertheless, as mentioned before by EA-Ski, Ice Cube remains calm and in no rush to push Everything’s Corrupt. “He’s got a good [probably] 16 that I’ve heard that sound dope as fuck,” offers EA-Ski. “But like I said, he’s probably got a lot of stuff that’s unfinished that he’ll just lay like a verse or two and leave it where it is.”

“He’s worked very hard [for] where he’s at. But I will tell you this: what I’ve heard is sounding dope.”

Previously, the duo worked together on E-A-Ski’s “Please,” which a video was released for. Ski has also confirmed there will be two Cube appearances on his forthcoming 5th Of Skithoven album.

Additional Reporting by Chad Kiser.